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Just regulate the humidity to your desired level and let our dehumidifiers do the rest.

Excess humidity levels in a house cause condensation which leads to damp walls, black spots, peeling of walls and ceilings, mold and mildew growth, dust mites which trigger allergic reaction, musty odour, damage to musical instruments ,warped wooden floorings and so on.

It's always advisable to buy portable and compact dehumidifiers units which are easier to move around in residential spaces. When you buy a dehumidifier for your house, our experts help you identify the ideal humidity level and the right size dehumidifier.

To protect your loved ones and your valuables in house from excess moisture Origin's brings to you Novita, the most trusted brand of portable dehumidifiers for residential use from Singapore, which are compact dehumidifiers, energy efficient, portable, silent, contemporary looks

Highly appreciated by our residential clients, these portable dehumidifiers are a preferred choice of discerning customers.

Your best buy to keep humidity in check begins with NOVITA Dehumidifiers today