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Why Do We Need Dehumidifiers at Home?

Just regulate the humidity to your desired level and let our dehumidifiers do the rest.

Excess humidity in home causes condensation on walls and ceilings, black spots, peeling of paints, mold, mildew and fungus growth, dust mites which trigger the allergic reaction, musty odor, dulls furniture and so on.

It's always advisable to buy portable dehumidifiers for home, as these dehumidifiers are easy to move around in residential spaces. When you buy dehumidifier for your house, our experts help you identify the ideal humidity level and the right size dehumidifier.

How Humidity Levels affect on health?

Home dehumidifiers help a great deal in maintaining healthy indoor air quality. Patients having asthma and lung problems are often suggested to use dehumidifiers at home as virus and dust mites tend to germinate in excess humidity which triggers allergic reactions.

When we buy dehumidifier for residential use, certain features are a must have for optimum use of dehumidifiers

To protect your loved ones and your valuables from excess moisture Origin's brings to you Novita dehumidifiers, the most trusted brand of portable dehumidifiers for residential use from Singapore. These compact dehumidifiers are energy efficient, portable, silent, contemporary looks

Which Origin Dehumidifier is the Best for Residential Use?

Highly appreciated by our residential dehumidifier clients, Novita units since 2003 have proved to be one of the best dehumidifier brands in India. Best dehumidifier brand as these residential dehumidifiers have got features like digital display, auto restart, auto resume, roll castors and child lock. Easy to operate and very easy to clean, these home dehumidifiers regulate desired humidity levels at all times.

Your best buy to keep humidity in check begins with NOVITA Dehumidifiers today