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Dehumidifiers for Spa and Salons

Spa's and beauty salons try to recreate a relaxing atmosphere for its guests. There is a high level of activity in spa’s and beauty salons and varying people density causes the humidity in these areas to fluctuate very widely.

In various treatments, guests are exposed to high humidity as part of therapy , treatments also use steam to treat skin and body. Steam generates high humidity in enclosed spaces which gets trapped and causes airborne allergens, damp interiors and musty odor which has a direct impact in the overall guest experience. Dehumidifiers protect the interiors from dampness, dehumidifiers also prevent fungal growth and minimize the growth of airborne bacteria. Portable dehumidifiers ensure controlled moisture levels throughout which restrict musty odor from occurring and provide a hygienic indoor space which enhances the overall guest experience and provides a fresh and dry interior which ensure true comfort for the guests.