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Dehumidifiers for Research and Development

Functioning and measurement of material and products are tested in research and development labs.

Dehumidifiers for Testing Labs

Environmental conditions affect measurement device characteristics and performance, hence research and development labs have stringent temperature and humidity requirements that need to be met.

Excess moisture causes structural damage to expensive equipment's and increases downtime. Refrigerant dehumidifiers have proven to be the most efficacious and effective solution that maintain humidity level at all times.

Problems Faced

Research and Development laboratories, commonly known as R&D lab needs to comply with testing standards such as ISO/IS/NABL/EU/ASHRAE and compliance requires maintaining humidity levels between 40 to 60% RH in the lab.
Most Research and Development equipments are placed inside the lab with controlled temperature and humidity. Humidity tends to damage equipments such as FTIR, ICP, etc. and any damage to powerhouse / crucial electronic sensors inside the equipment can cost heavily in addition to downtime.
Product development of cosmetics is based on consumer research & studies of human reception based on several months of research. During this stage of the research and development of the products, it is critical to maintain the relative humidity & temperature to ensure accurate results.
Many disciplines of science including Opto-electronics, Physics & Material Sciences study lasers using optical lenses. During these experiments, high moisture atmosphere in the lab can reduce the diffraction clarity & result in erroneous experiments. A dehumidifier maintains the right humidity in the research and development lab to ensure consistent performance of optical equipments.

Application Areas

Optical equipment - FTIR, ICP, Lens storage

Product testing lab - Cement / food / cosmetics

Pharma pilot scale - API testing

Laser equipments - BARC, TIFR

Nuclear research - IGCAR, Kalpakkam

Radio Transmission equipment - ISRO

Customer Speak

  • I am using Origin ND 290-i for reducing humidity in the microscopy room in my lab at IIT Bombay, Powai,. Because of excessive humidity in Mumbai weather, our microscope lenses used to get fungal contamination. After using this dehumidifier, we haven't faced this problem. My experience with Origin product and services is extremely good. I strongly recommend to go for this company and its products.

    Mr. Gunjan Mehta (Senior Research Fellow) @ IIT, Mumbai - Research & Development
  • Both the dehumidifiers are in working conditions and are maintaining the relative humidity of the lab perfectly.

    Pradnya Torkar @ Foundation for Medical Research
  • Chemical Physics lab in our Department of Chemistry, IIT Bombay is mainly involved in the study of gas phase reactions. In our experiments, we require optimum temperature and humidity conditions for good experimental results. The humidity required is 40 - 50% which is met by the use of Origin dehumidifiers. The company gives free servicing and is very helpful in attending to our needs immediately. The response of the company is extremely good and satisfying.

    Sohidul Islam Mondal @ Department of Chemistry, IIT - R & D
  • We are using this dehumidifier for Lithium batteries. This is working fine with us. We needed RH 45 - 55% and this is meeting our requirement. The service person did his job excellently and quite co-operative. We would like to see you regularly.

    Prof. Mukhopadhyay @ ME & MS Department, IIT Bombay - R & D
  • It is to be declared that room humidifier model NH 809 and NH 900, make Novita and room dehumidifier model ND 316, make Novita being used in our laboratory since last 5 months (24th February to 13th June 2015). These are found working satisfactory.

    Sarojkumar @ Dy. Quality Manager, Orbital Infrastructure Consultancy & Research Pvt. Ltd.