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Dehumidifiers for Printing Industry

Humidity plays a crucial role in the printing process, whether its textile printing, currency or any other secure press printing. There are standard temperature and humidity requirements that are to be met during printing and drying process to ensure product quality and safety of the expensive printing heads.

Refrigerant dehumidifiers have proven to be the most effective and economical solutions that get the desired humidity levels while printing, drying and packaging and storing.

Problems Faced

Printing technology is moving towards faster and better printing techniques. In such a scenario, drying of ink plays an important role – and dehumidifiers help maintain a dry atmosphere which is conducive for high speed printing. In addition, dehumidifiers ensure that longevity of the expensive heads of the printing machine.
CTP or Computer to plate uses computer directly to prepare draft plates rather than exposing them like earlier. These plates require both Temperature & Humidity control for maintaining quality parameters.
High value printing machines require high quality output, and use mixed media which are machine readable, this means that print quality needs to be on highest quality material with clean & clear output. Lack of RH control can result in non-uniform output from them.
Digital Printing or Flex / Banner printing machines are very large & expensive, they are required to be housed in specialized rooms with RH control to prevent condensation damage & also help in quick drying of media.

Application Areas

CTP STORAGE - Computer to Plate

Security Printing - ID Card, PAN card

Bill printing - Currency notes, etc.

Digital printing - Banners, Flex, etc.

Nuclear research - IGCAR, Kalpakkam

Laminate printing

CFB Box printing

Professional use of dehumidifiers IN TEXTILE PRINTING

Excess moisture deteriorates textile printing quality, reduces elasticity and tensile strength of certain fabrics, causes machine damage and slows down the production and drying process.

Why Dehumidifier for textile printing?

Ideal humidity level when maintained for textile printing curtails yarn breakage in the weaving process, reduce downtimes and loom marks in the finished product. It upholds yarn strength and elasticity thus ensuring quality production and less wastage. Controlled humidity levels during textile printing contribute extensively in meeting quality standards, getting equipments to their optimum use, preventing mold & mildew which might stain textiles, reduced rejects.

Know Why A Dehumidifier Is Necessary For Printing Press!!

Best Printing is at Comfortable Conditions. The moisture content of a print shop is measured as relative humidity and it affects the amount of moisture in paper. Different printing processes work best with certain amounts of moisture. In digital printing the moisture content can affect the toner adhesion, paper jams and the fuser roller temperature. READ MORE

In offset it can affect the interaction between the ink and the press, the paper and the press, and the ink and paper. Inkjet is affected by many of the same issues but is even more susceptible to dot gain or ink spreading, drying delays and ink show. In the best conditions the paper is designed to be stable in a 45-55% relative humidity (RH) at 72°F environment.

Dehumidifier is a device specially designed for removing the extra water content from air and lower down the humidity level. Employing dehumidifier for your printing press will ensure perfect printing results on the sheets.

Know The Various Applications!!
  • Computer to plate storage
  • Specialized Printing.
  • Production Areas
  • Circuit Board Printing.
  • Mass Bill Printing.
  • And many more….

Customer Speak

  • With Origin dehumidifiers, smooth functioning of our digital printing machines is ensured.

    Ms. Ruchira Nighojkar (Manager HR & Admin) | Mr. Santosh Kumbhar (Floor Manager) @ Jasraj Printing
  • We are into printing on T-shirts. We used to face problem of very fine spots on T-shirts while printing because of the moisture. Now with the use of Origin Dehumidifier, this problem is minimized. I am pretty happy with it.

    Mr. Mushtaq @ Sportiff T-Shirt Printing