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Dehumidifiers for Museums and Art Galleries

Excess humidity in art galleries and museums cause damage to artifacts - paper based (books), canvas based (paintings) and leather based (clothing). It leads to condensation which causes corrosion, black spots or a yellowish tinge, discoloration and dullness which degrades the art value.

Dehumidifiers prove to be the most effective and economic way in maintaining the desired humidity level to protect and preserve your valued collection.

Problems Faced

Due to excessive humidity and difference of temperature in the room and outside, condensation on the canvas can lead to fungal development and green/black spots on the painting eroding the look and the value of the painting.
Artifacts made of hard wood or stone tend to become brittle and develop a yellowish tinge in high humidity; metal and wooden artifacts develop black spots.
Galleries are temporary exhibition halls where artists display their work for a few days or few weeks. High humidity can cause spotting & discoloration in paintings resulting in loss of value.
Archiving is widespread across our country. India with its rich heritage has archives of music, literature, science, philosophy and more. All these books, tapes require an ideal RH (Relative Humidity) of 50% to ensure longevity and prevent deterioration.

Application Areas

Exhibit area

Paintings, Artifacts, Theaters.


Art, Artifacts, Books (Libraries), Musical Instruments.

Customer Speak

  • The Dehumidifiers have helped us to preserve our rare collection of artifacts, specially in the monsoons.

    @ Bhau Daji Lad Museum
  • I use Origin dehumidifier to protect my collection of paintings.

    @ Ms. Kajal Jain
  • Origin dehumidifier has protected my paintings.

    Mr. Dilip Ghevariya @ Art Inteligo
  • Origin de-humidifiers are protecting our musical instruments from moisture. We also use them in our costume and guest rooms to keep musty odour out and keep the room clean and crisp.

    Mr. Nayan Kale (GM Technical) @ NCPA
  • The performance and services in one word for me is 'Excellent'.

    Prashant @ Shri Gurunani Nagkanya Yogini Trust