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Professional use of dehumidifiers in HOTELS & RESORTS

Humidity impacts guest experience in hotels in the form of musty smelling rooms and air feeling heavy to breathe easily. Humidity also discolors walls, dulls furniture, breaks down electronics adding to maintenance woes.

Dehumidifiers regulates humidity to keep fungal growth out ensuring no musty odour, easy breathing for guests and newly looking rooms and assets.

Problems Faced

Walls and ceilings of guest rooms in hotels and resortsexperience condensation due to temperature differential between the outside and inside. The sweating in the guest rooms lead to fungal growth, black spots, and also damages the electronics, upholstery, carpets and wooden furnishing.‎ Sweating also leaves behind a musty odour in guest rooms.
Over time, water droplets on walls & ceilings of hotels and resorts turn into fuzzy black dots, which is a form of fungal growth that spoils the decor of the room, resulting in musty odor, refurbishing the guest room is an expensive and time-consuming and it also impacts the revenue of the hotel due to the unavailability of guest rooms.
Due to trapped moisture in guest rooms, fungus develops on carpets, curtains and linen leaving an unpleasant musty odour and poor customer experience.
Electronic equipments installed in hotels like LED / LCD TV, DVD players, gaming devices tend to malfunction due to condensing of humidity on the electronic parts.
The newly done up hotels or guestrooms will start looking faded with moisture discoloring the paints, upholstery, artifacts and furniture polish.
Restaurants, Spas, Gymnasiums use up too much energy in the form of air conditioning or treated fresh air during non operational hours to keep humidity at check, a dehumidifier can do the job at 1/10th the operational cost. If you consider the Total cost of Ownership, dehumidifiers pay off their cost in less than a year, besides saving the valuables in guest rooms.

Application Areas

Guest Rooms

Bed rooms, Living areas, Walk in wardrobes, Kitchenette.

Common Areas

Spas, Indoor swimming pool, Gymnasium, Ayurvedic massage areas, Corridors, Kitchen.

Storage or Housekeeping

Linen, Grains, Spices, Snacks, Stationary.

Customer Speak

  • No more musty smell with Origin dehumidifier.

    Ms. Sonali Sali (Purchase Manager) | Ms. Anagha Phadnis (Executive Housekeeper) @ Taj Wellington Mews
  • Dehumidifiers were not working. Ms. Khushbu was very professional and a good team. Good follow up and quick service.

    Shomik Dasgupta, Assistant Engineer @ Taj President