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Dehumidifiers for Hospitals

Humidity is one of the factors that contribute to safe and sterile environment in healthcare facilities.

Excess humidity is known to make the environment uncomfortable for patients and cause structural damage to expensive healthcare equipments and lenses. Dehumidifiers have proven to be ideal solutions to meet the stringent humidity requirements in hospital areas as per international standards.

Problems Faced

Eye Hospitals use Lasik equipment comprising of high power lenses, which can get damaged, incase of condensation on active lenses. This results in auto shut down of equipment incase humidity exceeds 65% RH.
Medical imaging equipment have revolutionized healthcare diagnosis and healthcare, but these expensive equipment – MRI / CT machines require low temperature & humidity to be maintained 24*7 to prevent condensation damage.
X-ray film requires to be stored in ambient humidity conditions, else there is a likely photo-catalytic reaction on this which could lead to poor image quality. This can result in improper diagnosis / cure for patients.

Application Areas

CT Scan, PET-CT, Cath Lab, MRI, Mammography, Eye O.T, Lasik, Radiation / Oncology, X-ray.

Customer Speak

  • Deviation, wrong readings, and repeated break downs in our healthcare machinery have been significantly reduced by Origin dehumidifiers.

    Mr. Prasad @ Hinduja Hospital
  • I am equally satisfied with the performance of Origin dehumidifier and their service support.

    Dr. M. I. Doongerwala @ Eye Surgeon
  • As a doctor I also recommend the use of dehumidifiers for people who suffer from respiratory related diseases.

    Dr. Ashwin Correa (DNB, DMRD, DMRE) @ Ashwin Diagnostic Centre
  • Excellent service by Origin. Dehumidifier machine maintains the required RH condition for the expensive instruments. It's a useful machine.

    Dr. Goyal @ Surya Eye Clinic
  • I am using the dehumidifier in the OT. Mrunmayee had explained about the usage of dehumidifier very well. The explanation given at time of installation of the dehumidifier was valuable. My experience with Mrunmayee was excellent. She is very knowledgeable.

    Dr. Sunil Jain @ Iris Eye Clinic