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Dehumidifiers for Diamond Laser Machines

Laser machine consists of an optic screen on which the laser beams are bombarded. All these laser beams are focused on a single target by the optic screen. Diamond is placed on this target where it is cut and transformed in to glittering diamond. These laser machines are operated in air-conditioning areas and are maintained in the temperature range between 22-24˚c for optimum use.


In the non-working hours, when the air-conditioners are switched off, room temperature rises due to which condensation is experienced on all the possible surfaces including OPTIC SCREENS of laser machines. If this condensation on optic screen is not taken care of, it tends to leave moisture spots on the screen, deteriorating its quality. When laser beams passes over these spots on optic screen, it develops permanent spots on the screen. These laser beams passing through the screen are not at its optimal performance level. Consequently diamond cut is also affected.


Origin Dehumidifiers extract the desired water content from air and blows dry air back in to the room and maintains ideal and consistent humidity levels. Our dehumidifiers ensure prevent condensation on surface of the lenses or any kind of humidity damage to the laser machine thus elevating its performance. Ideal humidity for laser machines is between 40-50% RH. Portable dehumidifiers from Origin have been installed at various diamond labs and has proven to be an ideal solution in maintaining controlled humidity levels thus protecting laser machines from moisture damage.