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Dehumidifiers for Defence

Equipments used by the defense are very vulnerable to damage caused by moisture - everything from tanks, aircraft, ships, weapons and spare parts to the ammunition, optics, textiles and other equipment used and worn by military personnel become less serviceable and reliable.

Our metal body and roto-molded dehumidifiers are built strong to withstand tough environments and temperature and humidity.

Problems Faced

Most defense equipment utilize metal construction in aircrafts, aviation spare parts naval ships, submarines, etc. The biggest maintenance challenge is to protect it from excess humidity as it can corrode expensive equipment resulting in downtime and replacement costs.
Electronic equipment in Radar rooms or Relay stations need to be protected from downtime, and a very frequent problem at remote installation is condensation damage inside equipment panels resulting in short circuit & failure of equipment. A dehumidified chamber can help prevent moisture related failures.
Ammunition is made up using explosive powders, and needs to be kept dry. Incase moisture seeps into this explosive material, it can result in misfiring / short firing that can cost the lives of our defense personnel.
Defense installations store & manage staple food such as grains, sugar, salt in Victualing Yard. These are generally stored for long duration and excess moisture can cause moisture damage.

Application Areas

Aviation, Electronics, Food Stores

Armament store (Missiles, explosives, etc)

Aircraft Simulator rooms

Radar room (Electric equipment's)

Meteorological equipment rooms

Server rooms

IT & Telecommunication rooms

Customer Speak

  • Portable Dehumidifiers are mission critical equipment used for a wide range of applications in Defense / Allied industries, such as in Air force or Naval stations for protecting expensive radars, missiles, training simulators, victualling yards, and even maintaining ambient RH inside of ships & submarine

    Mr. Sudhir Damodara @ Climatronics Technologies Pvt. Ltd.