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Dehumidifiers for Chocolates, Sweets and Confectioneries

Sugar a main ingredient in sweets, mithais, chocolates, candies tends to get sticky in a high humidity environment.

This results in:

CONTROLLED HUMIDITY levels are very important to enhance production, improve hygiene and meet the quality standards in each step right from production to packaging and storing of the items.


India is hot and in some parts humid. Producing confectionary which is good and consistent in quality is critical to meet standards for a good consumer experience. The ingredients and the end products in confectionery manufacturing are easily effected by airborne moisture. Most of the ingredients are hygroscopic, and excess humidity impacts on just about every stage of confectionery production, packaging and storage.

A very common problem of moisture includes blooming in chocolates. "Blooming" happens when fat and sugar crystals rise to surface of the chocolate if the chocolate absorbs moisture during packaging.

Humidity also makes ingredients form lumps or lose their crispness like in nuts. This results in production delays, product rejection and more critically bacterial growth resulting in hygiene compromise.

Confectionery products require to maintain ranged relative humidity (and temperatures), and it’s very hard to achieve and maintain these by ventilation with uncontrolled air from outside.


Origin Dehumidifiers provide energy-efficient portable dehumidifier range which is suitable for production, processing, storage and packaging areas to ensure your sweets are consistently good and quality standards are met. Our dehumidifiers ensure ideal humidity conditions are maintained throughout the process ensuring hygienic conditions and a seamless production.