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Where to use a dehumidifier?


Average humidity in bathroom is > 80% which encourages fungal and mold growth. A compact dehumidifier fits very well in your bathroom‎ to keep it dry when you step in.

Store Room

Average humidity in store room is 80% - 90% which brings dampness / rust to the valuables stored. A powerful dehumidifier will keep the air in the store room dry keeping your valuables preserved well.

Laundry Area

Average humidity in laundry area is >80% which takes longer time for clothes to dry. A Dehumidifier facilitates clothes to dry fast and give you a laundry fresh experience like never before.


Basement may have a simple storage or a swimming pool or a gymnasium. Average humidity here is 80% - 90% which condenses on organic and metal surfaces and results in growth of molds, rust and musty odor. Dehumidifiers are used in gymnasiums, spas during the non working hours to keep the equipments from corroding and to avoid fungal growth in wet areas.

Study Room

Excess humidity in study room and bedroom brings dampness along with musty odor and discoloring of books. Mini dehumidifiers‎ are a best bet to keep the study room smelling fresh and looking clean for some serious studies.


The average humidity in walk in wardrobe is > 80%. It results in musty odor and fuzzy dots on clothes, molds on hand bags and shoes. It is important to have a dehumidifier for wardrobe as it protects your valuables and keeps them fresh and dry. So put your clothes back in the wardrobe and let our dainty dehumidifiers for wardrobe say bye to humidity.


Your high end vehicles may get rusty due to high humidity in garage. Help them remain crisp dry with a dehumidifier.

Living Room

Average humidity in living room and bedroom is 70% - 90% which damages your precious valuables. A Dehumidifier protects your wooden furnishings, musical instruments, camera equipments, paintings and interior from severe moisture damage and enhances their shelf life in the living room and bedroom. Since one spends a good 8 hours a day in the bedroom, it is also important to maintain good air quality and one of the ways to do so is to maintain the right level of humidity. Dehumidifier is a proven effective solution that provides a very healthy home environment by efficiently maintaining the right humidity in the living room and bedroom.

Coastal properties

Coastal properties/Homes that are sea facing or near the sea need a little more attention, care and maintenance as the humidity level is very high. A dehumidifier helps regulate humidity to an extent that your sea facing home continues to remain in pristine condition keeping your electronics working well , your rooms smelling fresh and your walls looking new when you arrive.