Novita ND 690 - Powerful and Effectual

Novita Dehumidifier ND 690 is a high capacity unit that efficiently removes up to 50 litres of water per day. Covering areas up to 550 sq ft , it is ideal for use in spacious areas of the home and also for industrial use. Equipped with an electronic LCD display, ND 690 is easy to operate with just a simple touch on the soft key. You will also be delighted with other features like the convenient easy-roll castors, in-built pre-filter screen and continuous drainage option. With the powerful & effectual ND 690, excessive moisture will never be a problem again!

  • Powerful & Effectual Recommended for heavy users Double LED screens Continuous drainage option
Extraction per day / 24 hrs50 l/day(30 degree C / 80 % RH)
Coverage area5500 cu.ft
Power consumption740 watts
Dimension (W x D x H) inches15X11X23
Weight20 kg
Tank Capacity8 l
Air Flow310 m3/hr
Noise Level (approx.)42 db
Running Temperature5°C to 35°

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