Novita ND 292 - Compact and Portable

The Novita Dehumidifier ND 292 is a streamline model that helps you dehumidify 12 litres per day at a low power consumption of 180 watts. Compact and portable, the light weight design of ND 292 gives user an ease of mobility for usages in your area.

  • Silent Operation - your comfort considered
  • Power Saving -energy efficient @ 180 watts
  • Auto On Off - to ease out manual intervention
Extraction per day / 24 hrs12 l/day(30 degree C / 80 % RH)
Coverage area2000 cu.ft
Power consumption180 watts
Dimension (W x D x H) inches13x11x18
Weight8.6 kg
Tank Capacity1.8 l
Air Flow150 m3/hr
Noise Level (approx.)Don’t include this
Running Temperature5°C to 35°

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