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Origin Novita

NAP 606 Air Purifier

Recommended Coverage area is upto 4000 cu.ft

57 watts power consumption

Reliable 5-step purification process, finest air quality possible

Programmable timer, adjust it as per your requirements

Frictionless DC brushless motor system, for greater efficiency and a longer motor lifespan

Reliable 5-step purification process  
finest air quality possible

Air Quality Sensor Light  
for quick indication of air quality anytime

5 Fan Speed Settings 
to satisfy your air quality needs


Dimensions (w x d x h) 14" x 8" x 21"
Net Weight 5.1 kg
Power Consumption 9 - 57 Watts
Clean Air Delivery Rating (CADR) 190 CFM / 323 m³/hr
Purification System "Step 1: Washable Mesh Filter
Step 2: Cool Catalyst Filter
Step 3: Granular Activated Carbon Filter
Step 4: 99.97% True HEPA FIlter
Step 5: BUilt-in Ionizer (Semi-Permanent)"
Speed Setting 5 Speed Setting
Noise Level <40 dB - 57 dB
Air Flow Rate 90 - 380 m³/hr
Negative Ion Density+ +Negative ion density measurement is based from source emission. Up to 20 million/ cm³

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