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Origin Novita

NAP 101i Air Purifier

Recommended Coverage area is upto 2500 cu.ft

52 watts power consumption

Purifies the air to keep allergies and respiratory ailments at bay

Portable unit, easy to operate

Contemporary Minimalist Design

4-Step purification. Comprehensive cleaning and freshening.
3 filters and a built-in ionizer help removes airborne contaminants, allergies and unpleasant odours for clean and fresh air at all times!

Semi-Permanent Built-in Ionizer
Emits more than 9 million negative ions for clean, fresh air, this helps keep airborne allergens and germs at bay, all while providing fresh indoor quality.

3 Speed setting. 1 Easy switch control.
Switch control for low, medium or high speed and turn the rotary to select your preferred speed setting


Dimension (width X depth X height) inches 16" x 6" x 17"
Net Weight 4.05 kg
Power Consumption 52 watts
Recommended Coverage(Indicative)* 2500 cu.ft
Clean Air Delivery Rating (CADR) 105 m³/hr
Purification System "Step 1: Washable Mesh Filter
Step 2: 99.97% True HEPA FIlter
Step 3: Granular Activated Carbon Filter
Step 4: Built-in Ionizer (Semi-Permanent)"
Speed Setting 3 speed setting
Noise Level 28 - 48 dB
Air Flow Rate 85 - 195 m³/hr
Negative Ion Density+ +Negative ion density measurement is based from source emission. ≥ 9 million/ cm³

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