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Just regulate the humidity to your desired level and let our dehumidifiers do the rest.

Origin dehumidifiers based in India represent the renowned dehumidifier manufacturers - Novita from Singapore, Aerial from Germany and Fral from Italy. Serving clients across India since 1998, we specialize in portable industrial and commercial dehumidifiers! With over 4000+ happy customers, and 16+ years of expertise and 4 global brands, we strive each day to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services.

Aerial - Aerial dehumidifiers is one of the most advanced manufacturers of dehumidifiers in Europe -in principle, there is no end to the different types of commercial and industrial applications or scenarios which Aerial dehumidifiers can be used for. High humidity levels, regardless of the type of large rooms or spaces, can be lowered effectively and systematically. Large rooms, high dehumidification capacity and high circulation rates: the dehumidifier in AD Series packs a whole lot of power with providing optimum energy efficiency.

What makes our Aerial range stand out is features like:

  • Blue-Dry┬«-Technology for Energy-saving operation - even at low humidities and temperatures
  • Turbo Fan for faster dehumidification
  • Easy-To-Use Electronic eDRY displays RH level, kWh and operating hours
  • Dependable & Durable modular metal body

Novita - Singapore brand with more than 16+ years of recognition by the market and consumers for their advanced technology, innovation & design. Highly appreciated by the industrial and commercial segment across industries, Novita portable dehumidifiers take charge where high humidity prevails in small to mid sized rooms.

Feature Highlights of Novita dehumidifiers like energy efficiency, digital humidity control, silent operation, and large tank capacities make them your reliable choice. Your best move to keep humidity in check begins with NOVITA Dehumidifiers today

Fral - The portable professional dehumidifiers are manufactured from Fral, Italy. Ideal for large spaces in various industrial and commercial applications, these units are durable with robust steel frames and large condensate collection tanks with the option of direct drainage.

Fral Dehumidifiers are better defined as High Efficiency Low Consumption dehumidifiers.