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Home Dehumidifiers and Industrial Dehumidifiers have been taken to a higher level, literally! Introducing Origin Ceiling Dehumidifiers! These are unheard, unseen and yet, very effective dehumidifiers for home and industrial use. Keep scrolling for some incredible features.

Technical Parameters

Model OC 20 OC 50 OC 90
Power Supply 220V - 50Hz 220V - 50Hz 220V - 50Hz
Dehumidifying Capacity 30oC RH80% 20L/Day 50L/Day 90L/Day
Dehumidifying Capacity 27oC RH60% 11L/Day 26L/Day 60L/Day
Recommended coverage (Indicative) upto 2,500 cu. ft. | 70 cu. mt. 5000 cu. ft. | 141 cu. mt 9,000 cu. ft. | 254 cu. mt.
Rated Power 350W 842W 1020W
Air Flow (Low Fan Speed) | (High Fan Speed) 205m³/h | 425m³/h 365m³/h | 470m³/h 550m³/h | 600m³/h
Noise Level 45dB(A) 48dB(A) 52dB(A)
Dimensions (Width X Depth X Height) 34" x 14" x 8" 40" x 20" x 10" 42" x 30" x 13"
Timer 1 - 24h 1 - 24h 1 - 24h
Operating Temperature 5oC - 38oC 5oC - 38oC 5oC - 38oC
Water Pump Condensate Drainage With Water Pump* Condensate Drainage With Water Pump* Condensate Drainage With Water Pump*
IP Rating IP×4 IP×4 IP×4
Compressor Rotary Rotary Rotary
Refrigerant R134A R410A R410A
Net Weight 28.0 kg 43.0 kg 65.0 kg
Automatic restart fuction Yes Yes Yes
Automatic defrosting function Yes Yes Yes
Timer on / Timer off Yes Yes Yes
Washable air filter Yes Yes Yes
Overheating protection Yes Yes Yes
Temperature and Humidity display Yes Yes Yes
Surface electrostatic spray process Yes Yes Yes

Ceiling Dehumidifier features

  • Low Noise, Quiet Operation
  • Easy To Be Removed and washable Filter
  • Light and Compact Design
  • Maintain Easily
  • Install As You Please
  • Intelligent Control

Ceiling Dehumidifier Working Principle

The whole dehumidication process of the dehumidier is divided into two cycle processes: internal cycle and external cycle, so as to achieve the energy conversion and follow the law of conservation of energy, and nally complete the dehumidication process of the whole specic space.