Aerial AP 50 - Space Saving De-humidifier

AP / 70 Dehumidifiers can be installed at swimming pools of up to 50 square meters surface area, depending on the room and water temperature. They can also be used very effectively in fitness and wellness areas, and in changing rooms and sauna areas, regardless of what are sometimes very warm ambient temperatures. No matter what your setting, the new AP series offers high air flow rates and therefore outstanding air circulation, which means the whole room is dehumidified to the same extent. It also helps to prevent moisture damage such as mould, etc

  • Especially high air circulation rates for optimum de-humidyig in the whole room
  • Fresh air can be mixed in
  • Condensate outflow from either side of the unit
  • Hygrostat is built in as standard
Extraction per day / 24 hrs47 |
Coverage area5800 cu. Ft
Power consumption47 / 770 watts
Dimension (W x D x H) inches33 x 10 x 29
Weight54 kg
Tank CapacityHose connector on the left or right side of the dryer
Air Flow875m³/h
Noise Level (approx.)50 db (A)
Running Temperature3°C to 32°C

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