Tips to Help Control Humidity in your Home

What is the one issue most of our friends living by the sea or in cities with heavy rainfall like Mumbai face?

Take a guess? Okay.. the issue is that they try very hard to control humidity in the house but they just can’t!

We visited one of our clients in his lovely home in Goa on the beach. But somehow, he wasn’t very pleased with the problems he has been facing:

  • His expensive wooden furniture swell

  • He had some black spots on the wall and on the ceiling of his room and the bathroom

  • The plaster from his wall and ceiling was peeling off

  • His home had a strange musty smell

He gave us a tour of his beautiful house and this is what we observed, and accordingly we ended up giving him some really helpful tips for controlling moisture

1. Problem – In some areas of his house, we found leaks on the floor and ceilings. This is one of the biggest concerns causing humidity.
Solution – We suggested if he can get those leaks repaired on priority.

Ceiling moisture

2. Problem – He has many indoor plants in his home and he loves maintaining them. But sometimes, he tends to spill water while watering them, and some of his plant pots also leaked. Solution – We suggested if he can put dishes under those pots to prevent spillage and immediately attend to the area of there are water stains being left on the floor or if the leaking pots are damaging his carpets or rugs. 

Indort Moisture

3. Problem – Our client stays right next to the sea! This is the main reason why the humidity is often a lot higher than usual.
Solution – Using an Origin Dehumidifier at regular intervals could be an effective way to control moisture in sea-facing homes. 

High Humidity

4. Problem – Rainfall too is a big contributor to humidity, especially in cities like Goa or Mumbai! And it becomes very difficult to control humidity in the house if rainfall is prolonged and high. Solution – Here too, Origin Dehumidifier is one of the reliable humidity controlling devices that can be used for controlling moisture.

5. Problem – Majority of the time, our client keeps the AC switched on. Thus, the floors, walls and ceiling turn very cold. And when the hot air from the outside meets these cold surfaces, there is immediate condensation and wetness. Walls and ceilings can’t be wiped off like floors. Thus, due to wetness for long times, it can lead to molds and black spots on walls and ceilings. Using an Solution – Origin Dehumidifier at regular intervals after using the AC can help to control humidity in the house caused due to ACs.

6. Problem – There seemed to be a lot of musty smell in our client’s home in quite a few rooms. This musty smell is a result of molds and fungal growth in these rooms because of high humidity. Solution – Keeping doors and windows open at regular intervals and ensuring proper ventilation in homes contributes to controlling moisture and humidity in homes.

7. Problem – Turns out, our client was actually using an Origin Dehumidifier but he was using a very small capacity dehumidifier in his big living room! This makes a big difference. Just like how a small AC can’t cool a large room, a small dehumidifier can’t dehumidify a very large space.
Solution – We suggested our client use a higher capacity Origin Dehumidifier for much better results.

8. Problem – Adding to that, our client was also using the dehumidifier irregularly i.e. sometimes on, sometimes off, and at irregular Timings.
Solution – A dehumidifier has to be used in regular cycles of a couple of hours everyday for effective dehumidification, and it must not be kept on for prolonged hours as well.

9. Problem – Last but not the least, prevention is always better than cure.
Solution – It’s always better to take all necessary precautions rather than waiting for humidity problems to strike. And if they do strike, taking action quickly is key.

All in all, it was great visiting our client in Goa! Know more about Origin Dehumidifiers