Origin Dehumidifier Solves these 3 Big Problems in a House

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon and we visited a friend of ours at his sea-facing home. It was a lovely apartment with a stunning view.

But problems suddenly started when we stepped in.

Our friend had also bought a few beautiful and mesmerizing paintings a few years back. But now, suddenly those paintings in his living room had a few fuzzy dots. 

Dehumidifier for Painting by Origin

Our friend then asked us if we knew any home renovators, because he was really concerned with black spots and plaster peeling of his room’s walls and ceiling. 

Origin Dehumidifier for Wet Floor

And we just realized that he was limping a bit while walking. He later said that suddenly the floor in his room was moist and watery that morning when he woke up, and he slipped and hurt his leg a bit. 

Origin Dehumidifier for Walls and Ceiling Absorb Wetness

This very house of his was a lovely place only a few months back. But he never even realized how these problems creeped in out of nowhere!

We sat down over a cup of tea and we explained the below very interesting facts to our friend.

  • White spots on paintings
  • Black spots on ceiling and walls
  • Plaster peeling off
  • Wet floors.

They are all because of high humidity inside the house. Adding to that, it is the rainy season and his apartment is sea-facing!

All of this adds up and leads to high humidity inside the house, and thus, it becomes important to dehumidify the house to prevent all these problems from getting worse.

Let’s understand why these problems occur.

A house near the sea, and practically any place during monsoons have high humidity.

Paintings: These are made on canvas, which is a type of cloth. And cloth, like anything else, attracts and absorbs moisture. Thus, moisture can get trapped in the painting canvas. That’s what causes molds to grow on paintings (white spots) and fades the colors on them. This can be a huge concern for valuable paintings.

Wet Floor: Our friend kept the AC switched on the entire night in his room. In the morning when the windows open, the warm air from the outside collides with the cold surfaces inside the room. And that leads to immediate condensation and wetness on the floor. Glad he didn’t hurt his leg too bad. But still, anyone can slip and get injured.

Walls and Ceiling: the meeting of warm surfaces and cold air leads to condensation and wetness, not just on floors but also on walls and ceiling! We can wipe the floor but it becomes difficult to wipe walls and ceiling. So, the walls and ceiling absorb that wetness over long periods of time. And thus, after a few months, black spots grow on them, which are actually molds. And the wetness also causes the plaster to peel off, thus ruining the aesthetic of the house.

The solution is to use an Origin Dehumidifier to dehumidify the house. Simply speaking, it acts as a moisture absorber dehumidifier that removes excess moisture from the air, so that humidity is under control.

Origin Room Dehumidifier reduces humidity inside rooms and thus, prevents wet floors and slippage.

Also, it ensures a stable level of humidity so that paintings and artifacts stay safe from molds, fading and moisture damage.

Lastly, if humidity level is in control, walls and ceilings stay clean from mold growth, black spots and moisture damage.

Using a room dehumidifier is one of the easiest and best ways to dehumidify a room and control humidity inside the house. Which is why we suggested to our friend an Origin Dehumidifier. Sunday was well spent!