Melt Away Your Worries, Not the Chocolate!

It is said that a chocolate acts as a natural mood booster and helps in shooing away the worries of the people who try it. Chocolate is that happy respite which is not only loved by almost everyone but is also easily available. However, the real magic lies in the hands of those who manufacture these units of wonder and happiness.
Chocolate is a substance which is highly sensitive to temperature & humidity. If chocolates get spoiled by moisture once, it cannot be restored in its original condition. High humidity levels cause the sugar levels in the chocolate to rise to the surface creating white marks on the surface which is known as blooming, excess moisture also causes bacterial growth leading to product deterioration, stickiness in the final product thus reducing its shelf life.

The temperature of a chocolate manufacturing unit may be easily controlled with sufficient amount of air conditioning. The challenge however, lies in the control of humidity. It is important that the chocolates are not exposed to extreme humidity, as this would not only lead to melting of the chocolates but also increase the chances of the manufactured lot getting spoiled leading to undue losses.

So to maintain the ideal consistency and quality standards for chocolates, temperature and the humidity controlled environment has to be observed throughout the manufacturing process right from processing and packaging to storing them, which will ensure a healthy shelf life and a good consumer experience for the same.

Origin offers a wide range of dehumidifiers which regulate humidity ensuring consistent and ideal humidity levels and prevent degradation ensuring a safe and dry environment throughout the process.