How do you know if Humidity is impacting Your Home?

Let me share an interesting incident. Recently our friend took us to his second home in Alibag where we thought to spend the weekend together with family.

By the way, he also happens to be a violinist, and a pretty good one too.

Sadly, when we reached his place, we actually couldn’t stay there much longer and our friend asked if we could change plans and stay at a hotel instead.

When we asked what happened, he gave us a long list of problems that he had been facing for a while:

  • His home had a strange musty smell
  • He plaster from his wall and ceiling was peeling off
  • He had some black spots on the wall and the ceiling of his room and the bathroom
  • His expensive wooden furniture was getting swollen
  • His violins had been sounding strange lately, and he need to buy new ones
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We realized that all his problems only had this one big reason! High humidity in the house!

We calmed him down, had a seat and explained him the below:

  1. Humidity is the amount of water vapor in air – If the air contains more water vapor, the environment will seem more humid. When the air contains less water vapor, the environment will seem dry.
  2. Humidity is measured in RH% – The best possible humidity level for home should be somewhere between 45% to 55% RH. High indoor humidity could cause damage to both health and belongings.

All the problems that our friend mentioned above –

  1. Musty smell to furniture damage
  2. Black spots to his violins not sounding right

They are all symptoms of high humidity at home!

Then, he asked us the much anticipated question –

  1. What causes high humidity in the house? 
  2. What could possibly lead to high indoor humidity?

Here are some causes:

  1. Daily Activities: Daily routine like cooking, washing the dishes, using the washing machine, bathing or taking a shower, sweating.. or even breathing for that matter.. They can all cause high humidity in the house. More so, our friend has a big joint family! So, the daily activities are very frequent throughout the day.
  2. Leaks: One big reason was that our friend had leaks and cracks around some ceilings at his home that he had been getting fixed for a while. This might as well have added to the symptoms of high humidity in home. 

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  1. Seasons: Humidity is the highest during monsoons because of constant rainfall, but also, there can be high humidity in houses in winter too.
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  1. Seaside: Places like Mumbai and Alibag, which are right next to the sea or any waterbody tend to face high levels of humidity throughout the year. And our friend has his house right next to the sea!
  2. AC during the night: People at our friend’s home keep the AC switched on the entire night. In the morning, when windows open, the warm air from the outside meets the cold floors, walls and ceiling in the room, and that leads to immediate condensation and wetness. Floors can be wiped but walls and ceiling can’t. And after a period of time, this wetness led to black spots on walls and ceiling, which are actually molds.

High indoor humidity was damaging his furniture and also the strings and the wooden hardware of his violins!

“How can these problems be solved,” asked our friend.

We told him that he needed a dehumidifier! High humidity in the house can be effectively controlled with a high humidity dehumidifier.

A portable Room Dehumidifier is one of the best solutions to control high indoor humidity, and thus, protect his home from musty smell, black spots on walls, damage to furniture and his violins, and other symptoms of high humidity in home.

We suggested to our friend an Origin Dehumidifier one of India’s most reliable dehumidifier brand with over 20+ years of experience!

Also, Origin Dehumidifiers have a great range of high humidity dehumidifiers and room dehumidifiers for any and every humidity problem at home!

Our friend was happy, and it was a day well spent!