How Dehumidifiers Protect your Furniture From Excess Moisture.

One of the world’s largest home furnishing retail chain scheduled to open in Mumbai in March 2020 had to postpone their launch due to the Covid pandemic.

They were all set with their interiors and merchandise on display and this unforeseen event forced them to postpone their launch without an opening date in mind.

Preserving the merchandise became the top priority for the furnishing store specially from moisture as furnishing tends to catch moisture quickly and lead to fungal growth, mold and mildew.

Upholstery is likely to attract moisture from surroundings which eventually affects the wood, causing risk of fading, expansion or losing colour. High moisture levels lead to fungal spores in pillows and mattresses as excess moisture tends to quickly infiltrate in mattresses.

So, the best way to avoid any sort of damage to the furnishings is to maintain ideal humidity level in the environment. Dehumidifiers are an excellent preventive measure which not only protects the furniture, upholstery and mattresses from moisture damage but also ensures the longevity of the furnishings and keeps them fresh and dry.

The furnishing store selected origin dehumidifier 60 litres dehumidifier model o60 and placed 55 dehumidifiers across the store in all section from bed rooms, living rooms, kitchen, bath rooms, dining areas as well as in their store room.

As the dehumidifiers are spread across the store evenly and run 24 hours with a break of an hour every 12 hours, the relative humidity is maintained between 60 and 65% RH which ensures the furnishing material stays in pristine condition.

Using dehumidifiers in retail is essential during the closing hours. After switching off the air conditioning the difference in temperature leads to condensation resulting in fungal growth and musty smell.