Do THIS to protect your Furniture during Monsoons

The pandemic and lockdown made the idea of working from home go from a fantasy to a necessity. It led to office and shops being shut not just in India but throughout the world! 

While all the places of business, shops and offices remained shut, there was one thing which was still actively working in closed outlets and offices: Humidity!

How so? Let’s talk about an elegant Furniture Retail Outlet of one of our clients based in Mumbai that remained closed for a few months.

We know that Mumbai is right next to the sea and faces high levels of monsoons every year. The humidity level in Mumbai tends to be high almost all the time.

When we visited our client, he showed us how his store and furniture had been damaged due to humidity, and that he desperately needed Origin Dehumidifier for Furniture:

1. Jammed Doors

The first thing humidity damages are doors, primarily wooden doors. Doors tend to get jammed, especially during the monsoons, mainly because wood absorbs moisture and tends to get swollen and inflated.

These swollen doors thus make movement difficult, and require a little extra effort to open and close. Also, when these doors get jammed, they may also damage the flooring, and might require some carpenter work to make the door move freely.

Origin Dehumidifier for Furniture can be used to constantly regulate humidity levels and prevent such damage.

2. Dulling of Furniture

The furniture in our client’s shop was very classy, elegant, made of pine wood and polished to a fine finish. However, since the store had been shut for a while, humidity and moisture had settled on the furniture, damaging it gradually over time.

This was causing the furniture to lose its shine because the polish was fading and dulling due to prolonged exposure to excess moisture.

We strongly suggest Origin Home Dehumidifier or Commercial Dehumidifier for Furniture to our clients generally to prevent such furniture damage to begin with.

3. White Spots

Furthermore, we found some furniture in our client’s shop infested with white spots on the wood and upholstery out of nowhere! Here’s why..

FurnitureUpholstery is prone to humidity damage as well. Upholstery materials too can absorb excess moisture over time if left unchecked.

This excess moisture becomes breeding ground for molds, mildew and fungus to grow all over the upholstery. This can be very difficult to remove and the cleaning charges are added cost.

They can also lead to allergies and skin problems in case of human contact.

Origin Home Dehumidifier or Commercial Dehumidifier for Furniture prevents excess humidity by regulating humidity levels, thus, no harm to furniture and upholstery.

4. Wooden Flooring

Since the flooring of the shop had a wooden finish, the wood had absorbed moisture over time and was staring to peel off at certain parts of the floor; because the wood had swollen and inflated due to prolonged exposure to high humidity.

We almost tripped and fell because the floor had become very uneven with wood peeling off from a few areas.

This too can result in a huge replacement cost if left unchecked over time.

Origin Home Dehumidifier, Commercial Dehumidifier or Industrial Dehumidifier for Furniture are very reliable solutions for regulating humidity and preventing wooden floor damage

Our client immediately requested us for Origin Dehumidifier to prevent any further humidity damage to his store and furniture, and he was glad and relieved that we gave him a solution!

Origin Dehumidifier is one of India’s most reliable Dehumidifier Brand with a great range of Home Dehumidifier, Commercial Dehumidifier and Industrial Dehumidifier, 4 Global Brands and 18+ Years of Amazing Service and Experience.

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