Dehumidifiers for packaging areas, packaging materials, corrugated boxes and more..

Packaging is enclosing products for distribution, sales, and storage, its done to protect the products inside from any sort of damage. Packaging is always accompanied with labeling. Labeling is a process of inserting identification on boxes or the packaging that’s done.

Overall packaging and labeling form a very important process as they are transported to the end user along with the products and are responsible for ensuring the quality of products stay intact.

If packages are visibly wet or damaged then you are certainly facing high humidity problems in your packaging area. High humidity tends to affect the adhesives that are used to stick the cardboard boxes, when the adhesives won’t work, the cardboard forming the box will not stay together and are very likely to open up and fall apart causing damage to the material kept inside the boxes. Taking any chances with packaging is not advisable.

Some packaging materials are more able to withstand the effects of high humidity than others. Generally, packages that have plastic covers or are sealed in aluminum foil pouches are relatively impermeable to moisture whereas the plastic-paper pouches and uncoated textile wraps are permeable to moisture.


Effect of high humidity on packaging material depends on two things. First is the level of moisture inside the room and second is the permeability of the packaging material to humidity. Higher the permeability, more it allows the moisture to enter the casing.

Various problems encountered due to high humidity can be listed as follows-

1. Labels over packages start peeling off.

2. Packages start losing their rigidness. These packages have to undergo very rough handling during their transport and should be rigid enough to withstand it.

3. If the product inside the packaging box is prone to physical damages, losing the rigidness of the boxes can’t be afforded.

4. If the packaging boxes contain food materials inside it, there are high chances of humidity affecting the food quality.

5. Retaining the pleasant appearance of the packages becomes a big issue in presence of high humidity.

Dehumidifiers remove extra water content from air inside the room and maintains ideal humidity levels and dry air in the room which ensures the packaging material, corrugated boxes, stickers etc are not affected by humidity thus making them fit for transportation and keeping the stacking strength of the boxes intact!