Dehumidifiers for Hotels

Would you like to stay in a hotel room where you get a musty smell from cupboard, towels, bed sheets….. moulds look at you from the corners of the wall?

I am sure that nobody will like it.

Also, when you are in a hotel at hill station and you open the window for fresh air, it aggravates the humidity problem.

So how do hoteliers take care of it?

Simple……… with our dehumidifiers.

Origin dehumidifiers are used extensively by hotel industry for many purposes such as:
– To keep the rooms dry & comfortable
– To dry linen, clothes and carpets
– To control mould and mildew
– In Banquet Rooms, Server Rooms, EPABX Exchange Rooms
– In kitchens and storage spaces

Some of our esteemed clients in the hotel Industry are:
– Taj Group
– Oberoi Hotels
– Renaissance Group
– Intercontinental
– Park Hyatt
– Amby Valley

Use Origin Dehumidifiers and keep your hotel environment pleasant so that your guests do not go anywhere else….