Dehumidifiers for Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers, Research and Development Laboratories.

High humidity causes condensation on equipment’s & structural damage to equipment’s used in hospitals, diagnostic centers & r&d labs, moisture settles on electronics parts and causes breakdown of equipment’s. Varying humidity levels in labs lead to inconsistent testing results and inaccurate laser studies. Consistent humidity levels are a major factor in maintaining safe and sterile environment in hospitals and diagnostic centres as high humidity causes bacterial growth and contamination, also an uncomfortable environment for patients.

Dehumidifiers ensure ideal humidity levels required to be maintained in labs during the research process and to ensure accurate testing results throughout. Dehumidifiers in hospitals and diagnostic centers help meet stringent humidity requirements for patient comfort and to protect expensive equipments used in operation theatres, cath labs, eye ot’s, x ray rooms, lasik rooms and so on . Dehumidifiers protect these equipment’s from moisture damage, their lenses from getting black spots and also prevent fungal contamination and breakdowns ensuring consistent humidity levels throughout.