Dehumidifiers for Eye Hospitals.

Moisture damage can occur in several forms – visible & invisible. Visible damage includes spotting on optical lenses, fungal growth, etc. Invisible moisture damage is primarily condensation that occurs on cold surfaces that can increase the chances of moisture related malfunction. Since, latest medical diagnostic equipment’s are today made up of advanced electronics – an additional layer of protection is imperative.

Portable Dehumidifiers are ideal for mitigating the above risks, and for protecting your advanced equipment’s. Dehumidifiers extract moisture to a larger extent than an air conditioner since the primary function of this device is to control Relative Humidity.

Eye Hospitals use dehumidifiers in various areas – primary of these are

  • Lasik Operation Theatres
  • Patient acclimatization area
  • Optical equipment protection

Lasik operation theatres need portable dehumidifiers to have a consistent and accurate RH levels to prevent moisture from settling on the high power lenses of laser machines. Optical equipment used by Ophthalmologists are made of fine & precise lenses – these lenses grow fungus, spots unless the same is placed in low / controlled humidity. A portable dehumidifier is the most practical method to maintain controlled humidity – thus providing a layer of safety for all your valuable equipment and an effective way of protecting it from moisture damage.