Dehumidifiers and Humidifiers – Are they same or different?

Here is an interesting incident. A very good friend of ours visited our home along with his daughter who is in school.

We thought we would spend the evening together with dinner, but then things got a little interesting. Our friend also requested one of our Origin Dehumidifiers products for his bedroom and also a Humidifier for his Office. Suddenly, his daughter very curiously asked a question, “Dad, what are humidifiers and dehumidifiers? Why are they used?”

Before he could think of something to answer, he turned the question to us! Now, we had to explain what humidifiers and dehumidifiers are to a 10-year old! Turns out, it is not as hard as it seems.

Humidity is the amount of water vapor in air. If the air contains more water vapor, the environment will seem more humid. When the air contains less water vapor, the environment will seem dry.

Humidity is measured in RH%. The best possible humidity level for home should be somewhere between 45% to 55% RH. High indoor humidity could cause damage to both health and belongings.

Here is a simple table to explain further the difference between a humidifier and a dehumidifier:

  Dehumidifier Humidifier
Why to use? To reduce humidity and moisture in the air To increase humidity and moisture in the air
When to use? When there is high humidity, during rains or when home is next to sea or water body During winters or when the air is too dry or cold
Humidity Level Used when humidity level is very high: 50-60%+ Ideal for places where humidity level is less: 35% or below
Types For Wardrobe and Shelves, For Rooms, For Shoes, For Ceilings and For Swimming Pools Warm mist and cool mist
Health benefit Helps eliminate allergens, molds, dust mites and bacteria from the air Can help to moisten dry skin and nasal passages during common cold

High humidity levels can cause a lot of damage. How?

She seemed a little convinced. Then she asked more about the different types of dehumidifier. Which is when we told her about Origin Dehumidifierand our different ranges:

  • Expensive wooden furniture swell

  • Black spots on walls and ceilings in homes/offices

  • Plaster from walls and ceilings peel off

  • Home/Offices can start having a musty smell

  • Paintings can catch molds/white spots and colors can fade

  • Musical instrument hardware and strings can get damaged

1. Dehumidifier for Home and Rooms These are portable dehumidifiers that can be put in homes, living rooms and bedrooms. They effectively reduce the humidity level in homes, thus protecting furniture, electronics, paintings, and other valuables safe from moisture damage. These dehumidifiers are simple to operate and work like magic.

Origin Dehumidifier for Home

2.Wardrobe Dehumidifier These are dehumidifiers that can simply be placed inside wardrobes and they protect clothes, accessories, bags and shoes inside from moisture damage. They just need to be recharged for 3 hours once every 10 days. And they are very easy to use, convenient and safe. 

Origin Wardrobe Dehumidifier

3. Shoe Dehumidifier Ideal to keep shoes safe from molds and smelling as good as new.

4. Ceiling Dehumidifier These are dehumidifiers that can be attached to the ceiling, and they will effectively control humidity in the area without much noise and staying as good as invisible.

5. Wall-Mounted Dehumidifier These are dehumidifiers that are attached to the wall next to swimming pools or in wellness or fitness areas because the level of humidity there is high, due to evaporation of water and many people sweating.