Dehumidifier for Restaurant

It was a rainy holiday weekend, and we happened to visit a very famous Restaurant in Mumbai. A friend of ours was the owner and we requested him if he could show us around. We had never seen a Restaurant Kitchen so we were a little excited to have a look at it. But we were really surprised when we saw it. Here were a few issues which we observed:


The kitchen had a glass doors and windows. Since it was a rainy day, there was quite a bit of condensation on those doors and windows. There was quite a bit of condensation on the floor of the kitchen as well. One of us almost slipped!

A big concern in the restaurant was a musty stale odour when they open up in the morning, and that is the odour which is a mix of the fungal growth on carpets and upholstery due to condensation over a period of time and food which has not been exhausted.

Fungal Growth on Carpets | Origin Dehumidifier


The ceiling of the restaurant had a few black spots at different places. It seemed a lot like molds and fungus.


One of the chefs in the kitchen who made desserts was complaining that he was unable to make quality sweet dishes because the chocolate powder in their stock was lumping.  Butter cream was breaking down, and other ingredients were being affected because of high humidity and moisture. And the rains were making it worse!

Food getting spoiled | Origin Dehumidifier

Food getting spoiled

Refrigerated food may stay fresh and protected for some time.  But food kept in open air and other items like grains, spices, cookies, crisps tend to get impacted by moisture can spoil quickly because of humidity control issues in the restaurant kitchen.

No wonder our friend was complaining that the customer count in his restaurant had been reducing! Moisture control in food processing is thus very important.

Not just that! COVID is known to thrive in indoor conditions with very high humidity (because the virus can survive for longer periods of time) and very low humidity (because airborne virus particles can travel more easily). So, properly controlling humidity at moderate levels can help to decrease the risk of COVID as well!

But what if I tell you that there is one simple and effective solution to all the above problems? Yes! A dehumidifier! Food industry dehumidification is extremely important, now more than ever, because health always comes first.

We suggested one of the best dehumidifier for kitchen to our friend. Origin Kitchen Dehumidifier! It is a good idea is to ventilate the space and also dehumidify it. Here’s why:

Humidity Control

It helps regulate the humidity inside the kitchen, keeping it at a level that’s suitable for cooking and storing food items.

Fresh Food

Food items have a very short shelf-life. And humidity can make it even worse. Such food if eaten, damages health, or otherwise ends up wasted. A dehumidifier for food thus helps keep food items fresh by keeping humidity under control.

Condensation Solution

In simple terms, condensation happens on glass doors, windows and floor because in the kitchen, there is generally a lot of steam generated because of cooking, and this warm steam ends up settling on the colder surfaces of doors, floors and windows. Whenever something cold touches something warm, condensation happens. Origin Kitchen Dehumidifier prevents this from happening, thus there are less hazards and accidents in the kitchen.

No Molds, Fungus and Viruses

These are tiny beings in the air which grow and travel faster in high humidity. These can settle on the food and highly contaminate it, which can further lead to health concerns. Also, the black spots on the kitchen walls were nothing but fungus and molds, which grow there due to moisture. Origin Kitchen Dehumidifier controls the level of humidity in the kitchen and thus, the kitchen stays free from molds, fungus, bacteria and viruses.

They also help control the flow of COVID, which grows faster in uncontrolled humidity.

We visited our friend’s restaurant again after a few weeks. And his kitchen seemed a lot nicer than before. Condensation was gone. Black spots had reduced. Food was fresh. And all of us had a great meal together! Thanks to Origin Dehumidifier, one of the best dehumidifier for kitchen.