A Personal Experience Shared by a Customer on How Dehumidifiers Help with Allergies.

Here’s a small story shared by one of our clients. We at Origin were not only very pleased to see our dehumidifier cherished by the customer but it also made us realise how sharing this would help a lot of people out there who are trying to finding a right solution to the allergies and uneasiness high humidity levels cause.

“My daughter was feeling unwell as she had caught an allergy cold.

When I came home in the evening, she looked quite sick complaining about incessant sneezing in spite of popping a couple of pills.

I pulled her into my study area and switched on my small portable origin dehumidifier o12.

I asked her to sleep, dimmed the lights and started the dehumidifier.

I told her to relax and breathe gently.

After 30 minutes she said ‘Dad I haven’t sneezed even once’ only to sneeze a few times after that.

She asked me what made the difference as I explained that wet air tends to carry bacteria and viruses and trigger allergic reactions leading to flu like symptoms.

Dry and mildly warm air is easy to inhale and as it is deprived of bacteria, it tends to ease the breathing process.

For the first time she used the dehumidifier in the night while sleeping and she slept long and well.

Next day she was life as usual and I looked at the petite dehumidifier with gratitude as I picked it up to bring it back to my study.”