5 Proven Benefits of using a Home Dehumidifier

A client of ours, Mrs. Smith, recently shifted from the United States to Mumbai, and that too in a sea-facing flat at Worli. They had been facing trouble getting used to the high humidity in Mumbai, which is mainly because Mumbai is right next to the sea.

When Mrs. Smith met us, we suggested her portable Origin Dehumidifier. Now, this client never really had the need for a dehumidifier and didn’t know what it did. She requested us to speak about some advantages of dehumidifier

We had a seat and dived into an elaborate discussion, enlisting 5 Proven Benefits of Dehumidifier:

  1. Prevent allergy triggers: The biggest concern was that Mrs. Smith had asthma.  High humidity makes air heavier than usual, and thus, harder to breathe in. Respiratory illnesses like Asthma only add to the problem. A home dehumidifier can help to regulate the humidity levels in homes and prevent allergy triggers from occurring in the first place. That’s one of the dehumidifier health benefits.
  2. Combats dust mites, mold, mildew, and fungal growth: These tend to grow and thrive in areas with high humidity. Dust mites can settle on beds, curtains, carpets and damage them. Mold and fungus can grow on walls and ceilings in the form of black spots. Soon they become airborne and cause allergies and breathing problems. Dehumidifiers reduce humidity levels and hinder the growth of these harmful elements altogether.
  3. Zero damage to interiors: High humidity can cause floors, walls, and ceilings to moisten and sweat. This happens more so when ACs are switched on an entire night and in the morning when warm air from the outside meets with the cold surfaces inside rooms. This leads to moisture being absorbed by walls and ceilings, causing dampness, and further leading to black spots everywhere and paint peeling off. One of the advantages of dehumidifier is that it constantly regulates humidity level in homes and protects home interiors from any and every moisture damage.
  4. Protects Electronics from breakdown: High humidity levels can severely damage sensitive electronic appliances. Moisture tends to build up inside electronic equipment and condenses on the surface of chips and circuit boards. Thus, when electricity passes by these moist surfaces, it can lead to short-circuit and potential hazard. One of the benefits of dehumidifiers is that such hazards can be prevented by controlling humidity levels.
  5. Care for Furniture, Paintings, and Books: Furniture is made of wood. Paintings are made on canvas. Books contain a lot of paper. All of these tend to absorb moisture and tend to be damaged by it. Wooden furniture can start swelling, Paintings can start dulling and Books turn yellowish and the ink starts to fade off. All because of high humidity. Solution? Home Dehumidifier! It keeps humidity level in check and protects expensive Furniture, Paintings and Book Collections to stay as good as new, always.

Mrs. Smith was surprised and relieved both at the same time, after knowing how humidity could have damaged her home in so many ways, and how reliably and easily Origin Dehumidifier can help prevent all these concerns.

Origin Dehumidifier is one of India’s most reliable dehumidifier brands with a great range of Home Dehumidifier and Industrial Dehumidifier, 4 Global Brands, and 15+ Years of Experience, Amazing Service, and Happy Clients!

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