4 Proven Benefits of using Origin Dehumidifiers in Laboratories

One of our clients who requested us for an Origin Dehumidifier happens to work at a Government Accredited Laboratory in Mumbai, which belongs to a well-known Research Institute and University! We usually don’t visit labs often but we were glad we got an opportunity to visit one this time.

We always knew that labs have some strict rules and regulations in place but we never knew they were so particular! After a brief meeting, the client gave us a tour and showed us how excess humidity and moisture had been damaging his lab in critical ways.

They had labs across various departments like

  • R&D,
  • Chemical,
  • Pharma

They used Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) for their research; these are too valuable and highly prone to moisture damage.

He wanted to know how to reduce humidity in the laboratory and how can an Origin dehumidifier for laboratory help.

need to R&D labs comply with testing standards such as ISO/IS/NABL/EU/ASHRAE and many others, and compliance requires maintaining humidity levels between 40 to 60% RH in labs. And since the lab was in Mumbai, and during monsoons, the humidity is around 60%!

1. Devices and Equipment

a. R&D labs have expensive devices and equipment for advanced research across multiple domains. Environmental conditions and excess humidity affect the characteristics and performance of these devices and equipment.

b. Humidity was damaging equipment such as FTIR, ICP, etc. in our client’s lab; furthermore, any damage to powerhouse / crucial electronic sensors inside these equipment can cost heavily, in terms of money and time.

c. Imagine an R&D lab where Doctors were trying to develop a vaccine for Covid and the equipment failed because of moisture damage. Would we want that?

d. Origin dehumidifiers for laboratories are the perfect solution to prevent such a situation and maintain humidity and moisture level as per the required standards.

Origin dehumidifier for laboratory

2. Laser Equipment

a. Our client’s lab has laser equipment to conduct studies and experiments on some disciplines. These laser equipment have optical lenses inside them.

b. During these experiments, high humidity and moisture in the lab can damage these optical lenses mainly with fungal contamination, and thus, reduce the diffraction clarity of lasers, which can further cause errors in critical experiments.

c. Origin laboratory dehumidifiers can help keep laser equipment safe from moisture damage and thus prevent erroneous experiments.

Origin Dehumidifier for Laser Equipment

3. Data Inaccuracy

a. They say that data is the new currency, right? Our client’s lab conducts various experiments and research on certain bacteria and biological materials that need to be preserved in a very precise state.

b. Excess moisture can cause changes in the molecules and structure of these bacteria and materials, and thus, research findings and experiments can produce inaccurate results.

c. This can further compromise the quality of the data and thus makes it unreliable for the future, leading to a loss of money and time.

4. Airborne Allergens

a. High humidity often leads to an increase in bacteria, dust, viruses and other harmful elements in the air, which are airborne and thrive in excess moisture.

b. These can cause infections and illnesses to lab workers, which can get contagious. It can further lead to employee absenteeism.

c . R&D labs require proper sanitization and moisture control at all times to prevent any experiments from being compromised because of health risks to lab workers, especially in a time like this.

d. Origin laboratory dehumidifiers can prevent harmful airborne allergens and ensure controlled humidity level in labs.

We then told our client that Origin dehumidifiers for laboratories are used at some of the most advanced labs in India and various R&D Departments of IIT Bombay as well.

“And this is how to reduce humidity in the laboratory with an Origin Dehumidifier,” we concluded the elaborate discussion with our client, and he was relieved to have a solution to his problem.