4 BIG Indian Industries Where Origin Dehumidifiers Are Used

My niece came to me for help for her science project that she had to make around interesting appliances used in different industries.

Could there be any more interesting appliance than a dehumidifier?

We spent the next hour discussing in detail about Origin Dehumidifierand our different types of industrial dehumidifier!

Humidity is the amount of water vapour in the air. More water vapour, more humidity, and vice versa. A dehumidifier is an appliance the controls the humidity in the atmosphere, so that excess humidity does not damage health and belongings, especially in various industries.

1. Industrial Dehumidifier and Accessories:

Why to use: Jackets, bags, shoes and such accessories are made out of materials that are hygroscopic i.e. they absorb a lot of moisture at every stage from manufacturing to storing. Excess moisture can make these products degrade due to fungus, bacteria and decomposition, and they can appear too dull.

Where to use: Origin Dehumidifier can be used at the time during manufacturing and when these accessories need to be stored after they are finished manufacturing, so that they don’t absorb moisture.

How to use: Industrial Dehumidifiers can be used in a way that the required humidity % stays below 40% to preserve these products from moisture damage.

Origin Dehumidifier for Industry

2. Industrial Dehumidifier in Pharma Industry:

Why to use: Chemical powders, granules and other ingredients are used while manufacturing medicine, and can they get affected by excess moisture.

These ingredients can start lumping during processing; some can show variation in their properties and volume; some can even be prone to molds and harmful bacteria.

This compromises the medicine quality and makes them unfit for consumption. It can also cause side effects in people who might consume them.

Where to use: Origin Industrial Dehumidifiers can be used in Pharma Laboratories and processing areas where medicines are being manufactured, processed and filled to prevent moisture damage.

How to use: Industrial Dehumidifiers can be used in a way that the required humidity % stays below 40% to preserve medicines and their ingredients from moisture damage, at regular intervals, when medicines are being processed, filled and stored.

: Origin Dehumidifier for Pharma Industry

3. Hotels and Resorts:

Why to use: In humid cities like Goa and Mumbai, especially during rainfall, hotels and Resorts can have complaints of musty smell, molds and black spots on walls, plaster peeling off from walls and ceilings and sweating of floors, etc. in multiple rooms.

This can lead to unhappy visitors and guests, and that can affect the reputation and goodwill of a Hotel or Resort.

Where to use: Origin Dehumidifiers can be used in rooms and different areas of Hotels and Resorts, especially during rains, where humidity problems are being faced, so that humidity level can be kept under control.

How to use: Big or small industrial dehumidifiers can be used to ensure ideal humidity % of around 50%-60% in Hotels and Resorts to help get rid of moisture problems and ensure a pleasant and comfortable stay for guests.

4. Food and Desserts

Why to use: Food items have a very short shelf life, and excess moisture makes it worse by causing lumping of hygroscopic powders, change in the nature of ingredients, fungus and bacteria growing over them, especially in case of desserts and sweets.

This makes food unfit for consumption, and can lead to serious diseases as well.

Origin Dehumidifier for Food Industry

Where to use: Origin Dehumidifiers can be used in food processing and food storage areas, bakeries, sweet shops, restaurants and in kitchens too to ensure quality and safety of food items and sweets.

How to use: Various types of industrial dehumidifiers can be used in a way to ensure that humidity % stays below 40% so that they work best to protect food items, ingredients and powdered ingredients as well from moisture damage.

My niece eventually wrote one of the best Science Projects in her School, and she scored an A+!

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