3 Important Industrial Areas where Dehumidifier is Needed

In simple terms, a dehumidifier is a device that is used to regulate and control humidity in homes and offices, and they can have requirements majorly during summers and monsoons.

In cities like Mumbai and Goa for example, which are right next to the sea, humidity can go as high as 80-90% RH. High humidity can cause some serious damage if left unchecked, and thus, a commercial dehumidifier or industrial dehumidifier becomes more of a necessity to prevent humidity damage across various industries.

Here are some of the best industrial dehumidifier applications:

  • Hospitals:
Origin Dehumidifier for Hospitals Use

Hospitals require the atmosphere to be completely healthy and safe for their patients and medical staff, especially during a time like this. Also, hospitals have expensive tools and electronic equipment like CT Scan Machines which are highly prone to humidity damage.

Lasik equipment used in eye hospitals contain highly powered lenses that can be damaged by high humidity (> 65% RH) if left unchecked. If these medical equipment are damaged due to humidity, their performance can be affected, and they can give erroneous reports about a patient’s medical condition. That way, a patient’s life might be at stake.

Origin Portable Commercial Dehumidifier helps regulate humidity in hospitals, protects medical equipment from moisture damage, keeps the atmosphere safe and thus, ensure patients’ safety

  • R&D Labs:

A variety of tests are conducted on various types of products and substances in R&D Laboratories. The raw material and substances used for testing need to be protected from moisture damage. Moreover, these tests must be conducted in extremely very controlled environmental conditions with specific temperature and humidity level requirements.

Also, most of the tools, equipment, and machines used in these laboratories are expensive and prone to humidity damage. For example, lenses in a microscope can catch black spots due to high humidity. Such a microscope can’t give accurate visuals.

Failure to regulate humidity can severely damage lab equipment and machines, which can further lead to inaccurate and invalid test results, causing wastage of time, money, and resources.

Origin Portable Industrial Dehumidifier can help prevent such concerns and keep humidity levels inside laboratories regulated and ideal.

  • Pharmaceuticals:
Uncontrolled Humidity and Medicines Manufactured Damage

Maintaining an optimal level of moisture during the manufacturing and storage of medicines is absolutely critical to ensure the effectiveness of the medicines. Uncontrolled humidity can damage the medicines manufactured and may even lead them to cause certain adverse effects in people when consumed.

Various chemical powders, granules, and ingredients are used while taking medicines, which can react to excessive moisture in different ways.

These ingredients can either clump together, or they may show differences in volume, weight, or other such physical properties. Or worse, some ingredients can experience the growth of bacteria or other harmful micro-organisms.

Thus, regulating humidity levels while manufacturing and storage of medicines are critical to ensure medicines are effective and safe to consume. Otherwise, they may harm the people consuming them.

Origin Portable Industrial Dehumidifier or Commercial Dehumidifier helps maintain ideal humidity levels to ensure the safety of medicines and prevent the above issues.

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