3 BIG Humidity Problems at Home, and how to Solve them

Imagine you are living in a wonderful duplex apartment with a beautiful sea-facing view. The paint on walls and ceiling is elegantly white and the marble flooring is royal in its own way.

However, this things become a little difficult after you have been living there for a while..

– You suddenly witness black spots on ceilings, 

– your rooms start having a strange musty smell out of nowhere,

– the walls marble flooring starts to sweat and get moist for no apparent reason, 

– furniture starts having white spots and electronics suddenly malfunction

This is not a scenario, by the way. One of our clients in Alibaug actually happens to face these concerns. All the above are symptoms of high humidity in home and our client desperately needed Origin Dehumidifier to prevent these.

But how do these problems arise? Let’s understand.

1. Black Spots, musty smell, sweaty walls and floors

Our client usually keeps the Air Conditioner on the entire night. Thus, the floor, wall and ceiling surfaces become very cold. When the windows open in the morning, the warm air from the outside enters the room and meets these cold surfaces, and that leads to immediate condensation, and thus, sweating of floors, walls and ceilings.

Now, floors can be cleaned but walls and ceilings can’t. Thus, when this moisture keeps accumulating on walls and ceiling, and after some time, it becomes breeding ground for mold and fungus.

These black spots are basically fungus and molds which grow over time, and, they can also become air borne and cause allergies or sickness if inhaled.

This happens when humidity level is consistently above 60% RH over long periods of time

Origin Home Dehumidifier helps regulate humidity level in homes and thus, keeps walls, floors and ceilings safe from moisture damage and molds

2. Furniture

Furniture and upholstery are made of wood and materials that absorb moisture. Thus, when humidity is high, they tend to absorb and retain moisture constantly, and this is what causes wood to get swollen and inflated, thus causing damage. This also causes the wood to lose its shine and its color also starts fading, thus, dulling elegant furniture.

This absorbed humidity also causes white spots to grow all over the furniture and upholstery, which again are nothing but fungus and molds. They not only damage the furniture but also cause allergies and skin problems in case of human contact.

Again, this happens when humidity level is consistently above 60% RH over long periods of time

Origin Dehumidifier for Furniture helps prevent these concerns and protects furniture and upholstery from molds and moisture damage.

3. Electronics

High humidity is an enemy of joint parts in electronics that are integral in controlling machines.

High humidity areas lead to tiny water droplets being formed on the circuits and inner metal surfaces of electronic items like TV, Home Theater system, etc.

Thus, when electricity passes through these moist circuits and surfaces of electronics, there is a high chance of short circuit and thus, damage to expensive electronics.

Again, this happens when humidity level is consistently above 60% RH over long periods of time

Origin Home Dehumidifier and Origin Portable Mini Dehumidifier can protect electronics from moisture damage and keep them in working condition for long.

Our client was much relieved after we gave her an elaborate solution to her home interior problems, and she immediately decided to purchase Origin Dehumidifier without any second thought!

Origin Dehumidifier is one of India’s most reliable dehumidifier brand with Home Dehumidifier for Furniture, Mini Dehumidifier, Commercial Dehumidifier and Industrial Dehumidifier ranges, 15+ Years of Experience and Amazing Service!

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