Secret of Crunchy Popcorns

Popcorn… a little light thing plays a great role to pop up your mood…gives you company while watching movie / TV….makes journey interesting… But do you know that making a crispy crunchy pop corn is not an easy thing. Even if the popcorn looks totally dry, kernel of popcorn has a tiny amount of water inside it. Also, moisture in air impacts the making, packing and shelf life of popcorns. To prevent popcorns from being soggy, to fulfill the dehumidification process…

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Commercial dehumidifier

5 Steps to Choose a Dehumidifier for Commercial / Industrial / Professional Application:

Step One:Calculate the room volume in cubic feet or cubic meters. The shape of the room also can decide the no. of dehumidifiers required for example a very rectangular room may require two dehumidifiers versus a square shaped room of the same room volume may require one unit) Step two:Please check the present temperature and present and desired humidity in Relative Humidity (%) based on your application. Please factor in worst case scenarios specially if you are on the coast…

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Since 1998. Origin Dehumidifiers – provides portable moisture control solutions from renowned dehumidifier manufacturers like – Novita from Singapore, Aerial from Germany and Fral and HiDew from Italy.

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