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Humidifiers for Printing

Printing industry is required to meet stringent indoor air quality requirements and closely monitor the humidity levels in the facility to maintain quality and productivity at all stages of production.

Paper is hygroscopic in nature, hence if the moisture content in paper is not kept in control it leads to changes in its physical properties and shape. Also, static electricity builds up in low humidity levels which causes paper to distort. It leads to paper jamming in the inlet of the printing press which leads to halt in production.

To avoid these disruptions in production process and reduce downtime, humidification is recommended in printing areas. Consistent humidity levels prevent print misalignments caused by variations in paper dimensions, eliminates electrostatic discharges and dust attraction, decreases paper jams and optimizes ink absorption.

Origin humidifiers help maintain precise humidity levels in printing facilities assuring consistent quality and colour, reduction in downtime and increased productivity at all times!