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Hydroplus Property 01

Alkaline Water

Water is enhanced with alkaline properties through a continuous electrolysis process. Fortifying the water with natural beneficial alkaline minerals, it promotes body PH balance by neutralizing excess acidic waste build-up

How do i know if my water is alkaline?

It’s simple! Drip a few drops of pH test reagent into the water for a quick comparison of the colour change to the pH chart. Alternatively, you may also use a digital pH meter to display the pH reading with higher accuracy and precision.

Hydroplus Property 02

Hydrogen Water

Unlike regular water, HydroPlus® Water contains an abundance of Hydrogen (H2) which is a strong antioxidant with high reduction potential to neutralize and counteract harmful oxidative effects of highly reactive and unstable free radicals. This in turn helps slow down the oxidation process.

Free Radicals & you

Free radicals (O2-) are a type of reactive oxygen species that has an unpaired electron. They are the natural by-products of chemical processes, such as metabolism and can combat foreign invaders in the body. Yet excessive free radicals in the body often draws a relation to causing oxidative stress and possibly trigger a series of chain reactions that could disrupt or damage our body cells

How can i be sure that Hydroplus water slows down oxidation?

Soak an iron nail in tap water and HydroPlus Water and observe the rusting process. Hydrogen in HydroPlus Water is able to counteract free radical damage to slow down the oxidation thus minimizing rusting (oxidation). An Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) meter can also be used to test for the presence of antioxidant in water by measuring the ORP reading. A negative ORP reading indicates high antioxidant capacity, while positive ORP indicates a high rate of oxidation.

Electrolysis Reaction Process

At Cathode : 2H20 + 2e- > H2(g) + 20H-
(Generating Alkaline Antioxidant Water)

At Anode : H20 >
(Generating Acidic Water)

Hydroplus Property 03

Hydrating Water

HydroPlus® water has a smaller water molecule cluster size of 5-6 water molecules that will allow better penetration into body cells for delivering the essential minerals and nutrients. The body will resultantly become more hydrated from the enhanced solubility and permeability, which also aids in flushing out the acidic waste more easily.

What benifits do the smaller water molecule cluster size of alkaline antioxidant water bring?

HydroPlus® water can effectively penetrate oil particles, emulsifying it. Proving its high solubility and good permeability, HydroPlus® water can be better absorbed into the body for enhanced hydration and detoxification.

How does hydration start from cells?

Water makes up 80% to 97% of the cytoplasm within the cell membrane, where multiple cellular processes take place. When cells are dehydrated, transfer and delivery of nutrients is obstructed and the brain will also send out thirst signals.

Hydroplus Property 04

Oxygenizing Water

HydroPlus Water contains abundance of hydroxyl ions (OH-) that is also an antioxidant component. The reaction between hydroxyl ions (OH-) and naturally forming free radicals (O -) gives more dissolved oxygen (O2) that is delivered to the bloodstream. Besides energizing and revitalizing the body, blood circulation also improves, and body metabolism increases.

How do i know if blood circulation is improved?

Test 01 // Capillary Nail Refill Test

Nails provide a quick indication of your overall health status. The capillary nail refill test is a quick indication of your blood flow to tissues and you can also monitor your dehydration level.

Here's how you can do it,

Step 01: Press down a fingernail, maintain this pressure until the nail turns white.

Step 02: Release the pressure on the nail and observe the time required for it to turn to a healthy pink again.

If blood circulation is good, the nail would turn pink within 2 seconds or less. But when blood circulation is compromised, the nail capillary refill time will be longer.

Test 02 // Micro-Circulation Microscope Test

Simply insert a finger into the holder below the optical lens apparatus, adjust to fix the focal length to visualise the blood capillary shape, blood flow pattern and capillary morphology.

Clinical & Medical Studies on The Benefits of Alkaline Water

Past studies & research conducted shows that alkaline water does have a positive effect against a series of health condistions. Read on to find out more yourself!

Note: The embedded hyperlinks on the benefits of alkaline water are cited from worldwide web open sourcel

7 Types of Functional Water

For Your Everyday Consumption and Usage

Note: pH & ORP values may vary by + 0.6 and + 100 mV resectively, subjected to nature of water source. chlorine concentration and filter usage. Indicated pH readings are obtained based on pH 7.5 source water. All pH/ORP readings are attained based on quantitative sampling basis.

Alkaline Level 1

Sensitive Stomach

Alkaline level 1 gives you water of pH 8.5/ORP-150mV. This level of alkaline water is recommended for beginner alkaline water drinkers and perfect for those with sensitive stomachs.

Specific uses

  • Facilitating body adjustment for beginners as a start to consuming alkaline water
  • Keeps body properly hydrated as the smaller water molecules are able to penetrate our cells more easily

Alkaline Level 2

Everyday Drinking

Alkaline level 2 gives you water of pH 9.0/ORP-300mV. Energize and hydrate yourselves better with this ater as it helps to impede oxidation while maintaining pH balance of your bodies. You may choose this level of water for everyday drinking.

Specific uses

  • Restoring body's electrolyte balance more effectively after exercise
  • Soothing effect on upset stomachs and constipation and diarrhea conditions

Alkaline Level 3

Making Tea or Coffee

Alkaline level 3 gives you water of pH 9.5/ORP-350mV. Water of this level is especially useful in the preparation of food as it helps to enhance the overall taste and aroma.

Specific uses

  • Eliminating the bitter taste of coffee and tea
  • Brewing tea with Alkaline Antioxidant Water prevents tanning and allows the tea to infuse fully, creating a rich color and taste

Alkaline Level 4

Cooking / Food Preparation

Alkaline level 4 gives you water of pH 10.0/ORP-400mV. Incorporate alkaline antioxidant water into your food preparation from washing, rinsing, soaking to cooking and be amazed by the natural flavor potency of ingredients!

Specific uses

  • Washing fruits/vegetables in this water help to remove more dirt, chemicals and pesticides from them, while keeping them fresh for a long period of time
  • Soaking rice as the Alkaline Antioxidant Water washes the oxidized portion of the rice away, making it taste better and appear milkier in color

Purified Level

Medication / Infant

Purified level 0 gives you water of a pH and ORP level that is inherent from the water source. This level is ideal for infant consumption, as well as medication purposes as its chlorine-free and does not interfere with the rate of dissolution of the medicine.

Specific uses

  • Preparation in food for infants or an alternative to alkaline water for those on medication
  • Used in household appliances that require steam, such as irons, diffusers and humidifiers
  • Filling of aquariums for pets to keep them free from unwanted minerals exposure which may be harmful to their health

Acidic Level 1

Washing Face Or Body

ACIDIC LEVEL 1 gives you water of pH 5.0. This is optimal for washing of our faces and bodies as it works as a natural astringent to remove oil from our skin, hence reducing the use of chemicals.

Specific uses

  • Relieving the aggravation of dry and itch skin, chapped skin and eczema
  • Helping the tightening and smoothening of our skin
  • Shampooing your hair to condition it better and help prevent hair loss or dandruff

Acidic Level 2

General Cleaning

ACIDIC LEVEL 2 gives you water of pH 3.5. This level of water provides a safe and chemical-free method for general cleaning of equipment, tools and surfaces.

Specific uses

  • Cleaning of kitchen utensils, countertops and bathrooms
  • Cleaning of common household items like curtains, table cloths and furniture
  • Cleaning of surfaces to rid of fingerprints or dirt

Get the most out of your water

Your all in one unit drink better, cook up a storm and clean with ease!


Drink up t o neutralize excess aid and slow down oxidation in the body. Feel revitalized and hydrated with high stable oxygen content and smaller water molecule cluster size. Cleanse and detox from within.


From washing, rinsing, soaking to cooking HydroPlus Alakaline Antioxidant Water makes the work easier for you! See the difference as it helps to clean better, preserve freshness and maximize flavor.

Hydroplus Experience at home

Incorporate HydroPlus Alkaline Antioxidant Water in your food preparation for culinary enrichments. Be it for washing, rinsing, soaking and cooking, you can see and taste the difference in your own kitchen!

Experiments are conducted using Level 4 HydroPlus Alkaline Antioxidant Water from HydroPlus Premium Water Ionizer. Results of the experiments may vary depending on the water source.


Cleanse your skin and remove oil and dirt effectively without striping off its moisture. Sterlise your counter top and other kitchen utensils too!

Acidic Water for Cleaning


Sanitising Bathrooms and Kitchen Countertops

Cleaning Cutting Boards

Cleaning Dishwashing Sponges To Prevent Foul Odour

Cleaning Minor And Superficial To Reduce Risk Of Infection

Washing Face To Help Promote Smoother Skin

The Astringent Properties Help Prevent Acne and Slight Light Skin Problems

Washing Athlete’s Foot To Prevent Speedier Recovery

Reliability In the Science & Technology

Delivering a capable ionization performance with enhanced stability system, this water ionizer is also complimented with a Standard Advanced Ultra-Hollow Membrane Filter to assure of the highest water quality standard possible.

Ultra Water Purification

Standard Advanced Ultra Hollow Membrane Filter

Sediment Siever

Provides the first layer of water filtering by removing suspended solid substances, rust particulates and sediments from the sourcewater, while also helps to improve and enhance the performance of subsequent filtration layers.

Carbon Block

Provides activated carbon filtering to remove residual chlorine and other harmful substances such as pigments, odours, colour and toxic by-products of chlorine such as THMs, VOCs, agricultural chemicals and other impurities.

Post-Carbon element

The advanced ultra-hollow membrane filter performance is tested with proven effciency of 99.9% E.Coli and Staphylococcus Aureus bacteria removal, based on pore size of 0.1 microns by Korea Testing & Research Institute (KTR). It adopts extensive physical seize exclusion filtration to remove suspended colloids while keeping essential minerals intact.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions (W x D x H)
  • 284mm x 134mm x 385 mm
  • Net Weight
  • 6.5 kg
  • Power Consumption
  • 150 Watts
  • Water Supply
  • Direct Connect to faucet or piping
  • Applicable Water Inflow Pressure
  • 1.0 - 7.0 kg/ cm³
  • Applicable Water Temperature
  • 5 – 30 °C
  • Ionized Water Output Rate^
    ^Alkaline + Acidic Water Output
  • Recommended 2.0 Litres / min
  • Electrolysis Method
  • Continuous Electrolysis
  • Electrode Plate
  • 3 Platinised Titanium Electrode Plates
  • pH/ ORP
  • Alkaline Level 1: pH 8.5 / ORP -50mV

    Alkaline Level 2: pH 9.0/ORP: -100 mV

    Alkaline Level 3: pH 9.5/ORP: -150 mV

    Alkaline Level 4: pH 10.0/ORP: -200 mV

    NOTE: pH & ORP reduction may vary by ± 0.6 and ±100mV respectively, subjected to nature of water source, chlorine concentration and filter usage. Indicated pH readings are obtained based on pH 7.5 source water. All pH/ORP readings are attained based on quantitative sampling basis.

    Purified: pH & ORP ingerent from water source

    Acidic Level 1: pH 5.0

    Acidic Level 2: pH 3.5

  • Filter Capacity
  • 3,000 litres (up to 12 months, based on approx.10 litres/day)